Shields available for immediate delivery. Please reach out

If you’re a hospital or healthcare facility in NYC Metro and you need shields, add your contact info to the form above. We’re coordinating distributed production efforts by both manufacturers and individual makers.

Contact for large order procurement.

Latest News

As of 3/24, Sinai BioDesign (Mount Sinai Hospital System, NYC) has been testing and validating basic clinical functionality of these devices with success.

Members of our core team are also tooling up to produce these for NYC Hospitals. We anticipate being able to supply 50k shields per week starting 3/30 with the ability to ramp up for more capacity if necessary.

This design is provided with NO WARRANTIES. Prototypes have been used in a hospital setting with positive feedback. If you’re interested or capable of conducting further testing in hospital settings, please reach out via

This design is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

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