Shields available for immediate delivery. Please reach out

Do you have the facilities and resources to mass manufacture masks? Please get in touch with our team at

How to get started making shields

If you're fabricating face shields, please download the latest files to get started. The DXF should provide you with the outlines that can be used in almost any flat material fabrication process (laser cutters, rule dies, drag knife, CNC punch, etc.).

Refer to the BOM (bill of materials) for the materials you'll need.

For manufacturing, our team can help source materials and provide guidance on best practices. Please get in touch.

If you're assembling the shields, please download the instructions below and watch the video to learn how to properly prepare the shields for delivery.


Bill of Materials

Clear Plastic Face Shield0.007" to .01" thick non-brittle clear material. PET or polycarbonate is good.12.5" x 10.25"Qty 2 can be cut from 12x24, as the part is taperedMcMaster Carr (link)
Forehead StrapSame material as the Face Shield1" x 10.75"Cut alongside forehead strapMcMaster Carr (link)
Elastic3/8" or 1/2" wide elastic band16"(searching for pre-cut supply)JO-ANN STORES, LLC
Foam 1"x1/2" strip10"Cut to length.McMaster Carr
Warning - adding foam makes the shield much more difficult to clean.

We’re making ours from 0.01” PET sheet, but almost any clear flexible material should work (such as polycarbonate, PETA, PETG, vinyl, etc).

Assembly Video


This design is provided with NO WARRANTIES. Prototypes have been used in a hospital setting with positive feedback. If you’re interested or capable of conducting further testing in hospital settings, please reach out via

This design is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

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