Shields available for immediate delivery. Please reach out

The Open Source Face Shield was designed by Uriel Eisen, Andrew Eisen, Vadim Gordin, and Callil Capuozzo as part of the Open Face PPE Project in collaboration with the NYU COVID-19 Task Force and many others.

Instruction and Face Shield illustrations by Rachel Ciavarella

Special thanks to Joseph Zoleta and the Black 6 project team for distributing shields and producing the assembly video.

About the Open Face PPE Project

We’re a group of volunteer engineers and designers in NYC and abroad. We operate twelve 3D printers and a full machine shop that we’re using to design and ship COVID-19 supplies.

Our team has also designed a 3D-printed respirator. The reference document can be found here:Open Source Respirator.

About the NYU COVID-19 Task Force

The NYU COVID-19 Task Force focuses on developing rapid-response solutions to critical issues facing our healthcare system, including designing, manufacturing, and distributing personal protective equipment (PPE) and medical support equipment devices to New York City hospitals as our city battles the novel coronavirus pandemic. This task force draws from across the university and beyond to mobilize expertise and resources in engineering, medicine, public health, entrepreneurship, and computer science.


For information about the OpenPPE Open Face Shield design and manufacturing please contact:

For information about the NYU COVID-19 Task Force pelase contact:

This design is provided with NO WARRANTIES. Prototypes have been used in a hospital setting with positive feedback. If you’re interested or capable of conducting further testing in hospital settings, please reach out via

This design is released under the Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 license.

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